Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions

We deliver high quality solutions for our clients. We can supply and deliver ICT solutions and related materials tailor-made to your business’ needs.

ICT Solutions

Southern Sons Group is a one stop shop for all your Infoirmation and Communication Technology needs. Our ICT Solutions Engineers are well trained and hold certifications with various accredited providers such as HP, Oracle and more.

We provide the following ICT Solutions for your business:

Network Installation

We install access points for all your users in your company, starting from the reception to the CEOs office.


All our ICT Solutions are VoIP based. Do not worry anymore about faulty old telecom lines.


We supply and deliver a broad range of connectivity solutions starting from LTE-A to FTTB.

Fault Finding

Let us assess your connectivity issues in your offices and come up with a tailor made improved solution.

Fast Support

With us you are not a ticket in the system. We attend to all support request in a friendly and time appropriate manner.

Supply & Delivery

We are registered reseller with various suppliers. We can supply you with Access Cards to Web-Remote Controlled Supervision Solutions.

Why work with us

Roadmap & Strategy

We plan, develop and execute your project from start to finish.

Data Backups

All data stored on our own premises are safe, secure and we run backups every day. We guarantuee a 99% uptime on all our solutions.

WorldClass Support

Having worked with multiple international clients we know how important fast and effective support is. At Southern Sons Group you are not a ticket in the system, we aim to provide high customer satisfaction.

Backend & API Development

We take care of the behind the scene development and functionalities of your web applications. Our code connects the web to a database, manages user connections, and powers the web application itself.

Product Updates

Utilizing industry best practices and implementing maintainable support-focused code, our experienced designers and developers turn your ideas into reality.

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