Corporate Logo

The new logo represents a modern look. Our designers proposed to the client that a “less revolutionairy” look will attract more potential readers.

Corporate Website

The new websites gives its readers an overview of the articles including categories. Our developers created a 4000 lines code just for the landing page to retrieve articles based on categories and when the stories was published. Instead of displaying the date the client requested to display how many days/hours ago the article was published.

Website Optimization

To ensure that the website is secure, will be found on Google and gives the best user experience we have applied all availble SEO Tools and Webseite (Onsite) Optimization.


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AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

60% of 013News Readers are mobile users. We created a special mobile version of the website to ensure that the readers can enjoy reading the newspaper without compromising browserspeed due to the article images.